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Our organization is pledged to helping those with financial troubles all over Canada with incredible customer service.

Premier Loans Canada is dedicated towards bringing quick cash into the hands of people facing financial troubles. We cater to such people with flexible payment options at a lowest interest rate in the whole industry. Premier loans Canada helps you in getting vehicle title loans instantly without holding your vehicle with us. Apply for your loan with Premier Loans Canada and Get Fast Cash Within The Same Day!

We maintain transparency with all our customers about the entire process to assure that they are free from any fraudulent activities. With our experience and professionalism, we have got you financially covered with minimum interest rates in the industry.

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Premier Loans Canada is proud to be a 100% owned and operated Canadian company aiming to help those with financial troubles. We have been helping those in need of quick cash all across Canada for over 10 years. With our experience and professionalism, you can trust that we will not disappoint you.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a loan, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Nineteen years of age or older.
  • You must have a vehicle (Car, Truck, Van, S.U.V or Motorcycle) that is no more than Eight (8) years old. (Some exceptions apply — Call us to find out if your car qualifies.)
  • Vehicle Title (vehicle must be paid off and in your name)
  • You must have the vehicle registered and insured in your name.
Additionally, you must be able to provide us with the following:
  • Driver’s License (name must match the name on the title)
  • A proof of residency: any piece of computer-generated mail that has been sent to you at your address.
  • Your vehicle’s registration and insurance.
  • The second set of keys to your vehicle.

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You have to fill an online form to apply for the Vehicle title loans by providing us with a few basic information, we’ll be able to determine the rough estimate of your vehicle and provide you collateral loans based on that.

Once everything is completed you will get your cash right away and you can drive off with your car! Take your time to pay us or pay us back right away it’s all up to you. We have no early payment penalties.

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