Can I Get an Auto Finance Loan Pickering Ontario Using a Salvage Title?

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May 18, 2020
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One of the main requirements for getting a title loan is a car with a clean title. Lending companies also prefer collaterals that are relatively new and well-maintained. But what about those people who are using a salvage vehicle? Can they still get an auto finance loan Pickering Ontario?

Can I Use a Salvage Title to Get a Loan?

A salvage title or vehicle is the term given to cars that have damages bad enough that the insurance company has deemed it a total loss. These cars are usually sold off for repairs or parts, but some are rebuilt using spare parts from other cars. They can only be used again once they passed a safety test. Surprisingly, it is possible to get an easy bad credit loan using a salvage title. However, it will be challenging, and you shouldn’t expect to receive a substantial loan amount.

There are several ways to get a loan using a salvage or rebuilt car. First, you should check with small banks and credit unions. These institutions have expanded their offerings and some even handle loans for cars with special circumstances. You can also boost your chances of getting a loan by applying for a comprehensive or collision insurance policy. This type of coverage will provide some assurance to lenders.

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