3 Factors Lenders Consider When Evaluation the Amount of Auto Loan Burlington Ontario

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June 26, 2019
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More and more people are using vehicle title loans to help them weather a financial crisis. While you’re almost guaranteed a loan, you can’t really be 100% sure that your application will be approved. You also can’t really know how much you can borrow from lenders specializing in auto loan Burlington Ontario.

3 Factors Lenders Check When Evaluating Equity

Your car’s equity will determine how much you can borrow. Some lenders might just offer $1,000 while others can go as high as $100,000. There are three critical factors that lenders look at though:

  • Type of vehicle: The model and year the car was manufactured is a major consideration in car collateral loans. Newer models will have higher equity than a decade-old car and a Hyundai will probably rate less than a Ford.
  • State of the collateral: It goes without saying that you’ll have a better chance if your collateral is well-maintained and working properly. Lending companies will inspect the car to determine if they can get a good price for it. They will inspect everything – from the exterior to the engine to the state of the tires.
  • After-market improvements: Any alterations or improvements made to the car will also affect its value. A customized paint job will earn you points. So will the installation of extra accessories.

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