3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Auto Loan Calgary Alberta Fraud

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June 10, 2019
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Vehicle title loans have helped countless people during times of financial distress. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are only too willing to take advantage of people who are desperately looking for help. It’s why you should take steps to protect yourself from fraud when you apply for an auto loan Calgary Alberta.

Ways to Protect Yourself when Title Loan Fraud

A car pawn loan is a good way to get extra cash during emergencies, like a car accident or a trip to the ER. But make sure you protect yourself against scams. Here’s how:

  • Don’t believe in promises of sure approval. Title lending companies are known for their basic requirements and fast processing. But even though you’re putting up collateral, it still doesn’t guarantee 100% approval as lenders also consider other factors. So be wary of companies offering sure approval, especially if they ask for something like advanced payment. Go to another lender if you encounter this situation.
  • Don’t accept unsolicited emails or calls. Be wary of unregistered or blocked numbers or emails from companies you don’t know. Cybercriminals utilize these two methods to either scam you or steal your information. So don’t click any links or give personal data.
  • Don’t send money. Licensed and legitimate lenders never require advance payment. Stay away from companies that ask you to send an upfront payment for insurance or processing through online payment centers like Western Union. You can’t trace who you’ll be sending the money to, making it easier for scammers to disappear.

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