Why It’s a Good Idea to Use Bad Credit Loans Calgary Alberta for Home Repairs

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May 14, 2020
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The majority of people who get bad credit loans Calgary Alberta use them to pay for unexpected medical issues or consolidating debts. There is also a large number who use this loan to cover home repairs and small renovation projects. While it might seem frivolous to some, it’s actually a good idea to use title loans to make improvements in your home. Here’s why:

Why You Should Get an Auto Title Loan for Home Repairs

When it comes to small renovations or home repairs, a title loan is a better option than charging the expenses to your credit card. For one, you can find a lending company that’s willing to offer you interest rates that are lower than what’s charged to your card. The average interest rates for credit cards in most countries is around 17%, while some lenders offer single-digit rates. You can even swing a better deal if you have a strong credit history. Title loan interest rates are also fixed in most areas, while card rates fluctuate.

Borrowers who don’t want to spend years saddled with debt should also opt for a car pawn loan. Contracts for this short-term loan typically runs from 30-days to 72 months, giving you a set period to pay off the entire balance. Lastly, these loans are considered as installment debt and are looked on more favorably by FICO.

Borrow More Money Than Any Competitor has to Offer

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