Bad Credit Loans London Ontario FAQ: Will Lenders Accept Bad Credit Loans Collateral that’s not 100% Paid?

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May 20, 2019
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The number of lending companies offering vehicle title loans has risen. It’s not surprising as this type of loan have gained prominence over the years, thanks to its quick approval process and simple requirements Borrowers who can produce a car’s title are essentially assured of a loan. However, there are questions as to whether a vehicle that’s not 100% paid off can be used as collateral for bad credit loans London Ontario.

Can I Use as Collateral a Vehicle with On-going Payments?

Whether a lending company will accept a vehicle that’s not fully paid as collateral will depend on the lender.

The majority of lenders will only accept as collateral vehicles that are lien-free. After all, your special financing auto loan will depend on the car’s equity. However, there are title lending businesses that are willing to take the risk and accept vehicles with pending payments as collateral. But this is also dependent on whether you’ve been able to build substantial equity on your car. Lenders will typically focus on that and not on how much you still owe for the car. Although, the outstanding balance will be considered when it comes to determining how much the company is willing to loan you.

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