Can Someone with a Fixed Income Still Qualify for a Bad Credit Score Auto Loan Brantford Ontario?

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September 17, 2021
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Auto title loans have been around since the 90s. It took a few decades for the loan to reach the level of acceptance it enjoys today. Millions of people have used this loan for emergencies and minor financial issues. Its popularity is due to its fast application process and the fact that anyone can apply for one. A question that many people wonder about is whether someone with a fixed income can still qualify for a bad credit score auto loan Brantford Ontario. This article will address that. 

Applying for Loans on a Fixed Income

Fixed income is defined as the revenue you receive from an investment. As the name implies, it’s set at a specific amount. One example of a fixed income is a pension or disability payout. It’s not as robust as an income from a job, but you’re still receiving something. You can also use it to qualify for a poor credit car loan. 

One of the requirements for a title loan is proof of income. Lenders will accept your pension or disability slips as proof of this. It’s what makes this loan unique. But you should expect to get a much smaller amount than someone currently employed will get. 

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