What to Do When You Need Assistance with Your Bad Credit Score Auto Loan Kingston Ontario

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June 13, 2019
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Cars are good investments. It makes your life easier and it can even help you out of a financial crisis. You can put up your car as collateral to apply for a bad credit score auto loan Kingston Ontario. While this type of loan is pretty straightforward, it becomes complicated if you fall behind in your payments. This is because the penalty is repossession and you’re running the risk of losing your vehicle. Luckily, there are things you can do in this predicament.

Steps to Take to Refinance Your Car Loan

  • Talk and negotiate new terms with your lender. Most title lending companies are willing to work with a borrower if they’re having trouble meeting payments. Be upfront about your problem and discuss with the lender available options. They can draft a new payment scheme for you or adjust your rates.
  • Get a co-borrower. You can ask a family member or good friend to act as a co-borrower for your auto loan. This can make a lender feel more secure since it means that there’s another individual shouldering the payments in the event you miss or default. It will even be better if your partner has a good credit score. However, this can put added pressure on you since a friend or family member will be shouldering your debt and this can affect the relationship.

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