3 Ways You Can Get a Bad Credit Score Auto Loan Victoria British Columbia Even If You’re Unemployed

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February 9, 2021
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The past year has been a financial challenge for everyone, as millions have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, things are unlikely to improve any time soon. While there are loans and federal services that people can avail of, they won’t be of much use during emergencies. For that, you’ll need a bad credit score auto loan Victoria British Columbia. Here’s how you can secure one even if you’re out of a job.

3 Sure-Fire Ways the Unemployed Can Secure a Fast Loan 

  • Use a Collateral: The fastest and easiest way to get a loan is to put up collateral, like in a car pawn loan. Borrowers will pledge their car to the lending company. They will surrender the car’s title to the lender while the vehicle remains with them. However, the loan amount will depend on the car’s value.
  • Have a Cosigner/Co-Borrower: You can also ask a friend or family member to act as cosigner or co-borrower. This is a good option if you don’t have the credit score or history necessary to get a loan. A cosigner acts as a guarantor while a co-borrower shares responsibility for the loan and the collateral.
  • Provide Proof of Alternative Income: Conventional lenders require proof that you have a steady source of income. While title loan specialists also need the same assurance, they’re more flexible. If you can’t show payslips, your pension, disability slips, or bank account statements will do.

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