What Do Lenders Need to Verify if You Borrow Using Your Car Peterborough Ontario?

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January 29, 2021
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You’ll never know when you’ll be facing an emergency. This is stressful enough, but it can become untenable if you don’t have enough money. Fortunately, you can borrow using your car Peterborough Ontario. The odds of successfully taking out a loan is high since you’ll be putting up the vehicle as collateral. Approval isn’t guaranteed though as the lender will have to verify several things.

Facts Lenders Need to Verify in Auto Title Loans

Your car is the linchpin of your application. It will cover the loan and help protect both you and the lender from a negative fallout. Your car equity also determines how much money you can borrow. Because of its importance, the lender will verify several things. First, they’ll check if you really are the car’s owner. They should find your name in the title. In cases where there are two owners, the conjunction “and” should be seen between your name and your fellow owner. 

Second, they will also verify if the title is clean and lien-free. While lenders prefer if the car is fully paid, they still consider vehicles that carry a balance as long as the amount is minimal. Lastly, the company will assess the car’s condition. An inspector will check the state of both the exterior and interior. Meanwhile, the engine, brakes, etc. should all be in optimal conditions.

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