Will the Lender Take My Car if My Car Equity Loan Edmonton Alberta is Approved?

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March 26, 2020
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It’s getting harder to get a loan from traditional banks these days. This has led to people looking for alternative ways to secure financial assistance. One such solution is a title loan, a service wherein you can use your car equity loan Edmonton Alberta to borrow money. However, you’ll have to pledge your car as collateral. This has led to questions as to whether the lender will take your car in exchange for a loan.

Will the Lender Take My Car?  

No, the lending company will not take your car if your loan application has been approved. That’s the beauty of this refinance car loan. While you have put up your car as collateral, you will retain possession and get to use it even while the loan is active. The lending company only needs the car’s title. Meanwhile, all you have to do to enjoy this benefit is to meet your monthly payments and stay in good standing with the lender.

However, the lending company has the power to repossess your car if you keep missing payments or you default on your loan. They will only do this as a last resort as a way to protect their investment. Once they repossess your car, it will be sold to cover the loan. You’ll have to pay any remaining balance though.

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