Elements that Affects Appraisals for Car Equity Loans Edmonton Alberta

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The popularity of title loans is due to its fast approvals, simple requirements, and not having to worry about credit scores. But just because it’s a secured loan doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get approved or that you’ll get the amount you wanted. Your car equity loans Edmonton Alberta loan will also depend on your vehicle’s value.

3 Elements that Will Affect Your Car’s Value

Your vehicle’s equity has a large impact on your loan as lenders will look into these key factors:

Brand and model: These are the first things that a lending company will look at. Obviously, a Mercedes-Benz will rate higher on any assessment over a Hyundai. So don’t be surprised if you’re offered a lower amount when your collateral is an older or lower model.

Accessories: The after-market enhancements you’ve added to your vehicle will also have an impact during the appraisal. Extras like customized interior lights, special paint jobs, or electronic accessories can boost your car’s value.

Chassis condition: Your car’s frame or exterior is one of the major factors that affects its value. A well-maintained exterior or one with minimal damage can merit a high value even if the car already has a high mileage. Conversely, you can’t expect a new model vehicle to net you a substantial car pawn loan if its structural framework has major damage.

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