3 Elements Car Finance Mississauga Ontario Lenders Consider When Assessing Collateral

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There are two key components in car finance Mississauga Ontario – the car’s title of ownership and the state of the collateral. The former you’ll be surrendering to the lender while the latter will determine how much you can loan. In order to determine how much the company can lend to the borrower, they will need to evaluate the car. Here’s what they will look for:

Elements to Consider When Evaluating Collateral

  • Manufacturer and Release Year: The lending company will first check the brand and model of the vehicle. They will also consider the year it rolled out of the assembly line. Certain models will fetch a higher price than others. For instance, a Ferrari will definitely fetch more than a Hyundai. It’s because these will be easier to sell.
  • After-Market Enhancements Made: Any improvements made to the car after it was bought will also affect the lender’s evaluation. Special paint jobs, customized interior lights, or any devices installed can increase the collateral’s value and affect your fast loan.
  • Chassis Integrity: The car’s chassis is one factor that can either boost the car’s value or pull it down. A damaged exterior will cost you points while one that’s clean and well-cared for will be looked on positively. It is why drivers should take good care of their car.

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