Crucial Factors That Have a Big Impact on Your Car Pawn Loan Ajax Ontario Application

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March 16, 2020
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A lot of people have used auto title loans to get out of financial problems or to deal with an emergency. The loan’s popularity is due to its simple requirements and fast application process. But as with any loan, you have to meet specific conditions to get approved. Here are some factors that you need to consider as they have a big impact on the approval of your car pawn loan Ajax Ontario.

3 Factors That Impact Your Loan Application

  • Your address: Loan interest rates, amount you can borrow, and whether you can even get a title loan will depend on where you live. While most states accept these loans, some regions have banned it. Legislation about loans also varies per state. Some have a cap on interest rates and the maximum amount that can be borrowed while others don’t have any restrictions.
  • Your car’s value: Your poor credit car loan depends largely on your collateral. Lending companies only accept cars that are completely paid off and have a clean title. The make, model, mileage, the condition of the engine, and the exterior and interiors also help determine whether your application will be approved and how much the company is willing to lend you.
  • Your credit history. Because of the collateral involved, many title lending companies don’t bother with credit checks or credit history. It’s why even people with poor credit scores can apply for this loan. Any check that will be done will be cursory at best.

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