Can Car Pawn Loan Caledon Ontario Companies Install a GPS Tracker on Your Collateral?

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February 20, 2020
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February 25, 2020

Many people with poor credit scores have turned to title loans to help them out of tight spots. While it is easy to qualify and apply for these loans, lending companies will have to safeguard their interests too. Many finance companies, auto dealers, and even credit unions use technology to do this. But is it legal for companies offering a car pawn loan Caledon Ontario to install GPS trackers or immobilizers in your car?

Is It Legal for Title Loan Companies to Install GPS Trackers on Your Car?

Yes, finance companies can put a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker or an immobilizer on your car as long as you agree to it as a condition of your loan contract. The lender can also require that you surrender a copy of your car keys along with the title.

The GPS lets the lending firm track your car’s location while an immobilizer shuts off your car remotely.  These devices are a way for the lending company to secure their investment. The lender can activate these devices to repossess your car when you miss payments or default on your quick car loan. But whether the creditor can install them will depend on where you live as some provinces don’t allow their use. It’s another reason why you should go over your contract carefully.

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