3 Things That Might Happen If You Miss Payment on Your Car Pawn Loan Surrey British Columbia

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May 23, 2019
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People who find themselves in a financial emergency have several options open to them, like pawning valuables, borrowing money from a family member, or applying for a loan. Traditional loans take too long, so it’s not often a viable option. A car pawn loan Surrey British Columbia might be a better choice, especially if you need the money immediately. But like any loan, it also carries risks.

3 Things That Will Happen if You Don’t Pay on Time

  • Your car will be repossessed. The lending company has the right to take your vehicle to cover their investment. They can repossess the vehicle anytime and anywhere. Getting your car back from the lender also poses challenges, even if you have the money to pay off the loan.
  • You’ll be penalized. Title lenders are flexible and can offer extensions to your special financing auto loan. However, this will come with a penalty and an addition to the interest rate. This could mean an increase in your monthly dues. You might end up struggling to pay off everything.
  • Your credit score will be pulled down. While title lenders don’t check your credit score, they will report any default payments or repossession to credit bureaus. This will put a black mark on your credit rating and could even pull down your score. It also takes years before this mark can be expunged from your record.

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