Points Lending Companies Look at When Checking Your Application for Car Pawn Loan Toronto Ontario

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April 23, 2020
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People who apply for a business loan, mortgage, or even a car pawn loan Toronto Ontario want to make a good impression on the lender. But this is often a challenge when you’re not even sure what the lender is looking for. Do they want to be dazzled by your employment history? Will taking out a loan previously work against you? While every financial firm has its own procedures, most will look at these points.

3 Points Lenders Consider When Looking Over Your Loan Application

  • Collateral’s Value: Your car’s equity will be a key factor in whether the lender will approve the application or not. If it is approved, the promised collateral will also determine how much money you will get. Older cars merit a lower amount while new models could fetch $10,000 or more.
  • Source of Income: The lending company will also consider whether you can pay back what you borrow. You must provide proof that you enjoy a consistent and sufficient income. But you can still get cash for car even if you’re unemployed if you can show that you have an alternate source of money (ex. pension, child support).
  • Loan Term: Lenders also consider loan terms when deciding if they want to help the borrower. Shorter loan terms get more points as there’s a bigger chance that you’ll be able to pay back the lender. They’re also more affordable since you’ll be paying lower interest rates.

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