Are You Allowed to Use a Shared Vehicle in Your Car Pawn Loan Victoria British Columbia Application?

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May 15, 2019
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May 17, 2019

While having your own vehicle is a dream come true for many people, it’s also a major investment. It’s why some split ownership of a car with a partner. Some would argue the arrangement is similar to sharing a home as we do divide driving time and chores with a spouse, family, and friends. While the arrangement is ideal in some aspects, it might cause problems if you apply for a car pawn loan Victoria British Columbia.

Are You Allowed to Use a Shared Vehicle as Title Loan Collateral?

Yes, providing that it’s your name on the title. As per a title lender’s requirements, the individual applying for a loan should have their name on the vehicle’s title. It doesn’t matter if you are the primary user, if your name isn’t on the title then you can’t put up the vehicle as collateral.

Remember that a special financing auto loan is a short-term and secured loan used by people who might be currently unemployed or who have poor credit scores. As part of the loan terms, the lending company will hold on to the vehicle’s ownership papers during the duration of the loan and will return it once payment has been given in full. If another person co-signs the contract, they will also be required to shoulder the loan payment.

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