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April 30, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Auto title loans have become popular in the last decade. This secured loan has helped millions of people out of financial problems and emergencies. Qualifying for an easy bad credit loan Ajax Ontario is a piece of cake. The application and approval process is also simple and fast. One key question borrowers face is what type of title loan they will apply for. 

What’s the Right Auto Title Loan for Me? 

Applicants essentially have two types of car equity loans to choose from – a single payment loan and an installment loan. Both of these loans have a quick approval process and offer the same benefits. When you choose a single-payment loan, you will be returning the whole amount in one go. Contracts for this loan are only for thirty days. It has an APR of around 300 percent. 

Meanwhile, an installment type loan lets borrowers make multiple payments. A contract can run anywhere from three to six months. Some lenders even provide for longer terms. Extensions are also given, although there will be penalties. This loan has an average APR of 250 percent.

Trusted Car Loan Expert

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