What’s the Best Way to Get Approved for an Easy Bad Credit Loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan When Using an Old Car?

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September 16, 2020
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Vehicle title loans have become a crucial element in the lending industry. One of the key requirements of this loan is a car with enough equity to act as collateral. The lender will also demand that it has a clean title and is well maintained. The car’s age can also affect approval as most companies want a relatively new model. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use an old vehicle to get an easy bad credit loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

How to Get a Title Loan Using an Old Car

  • Take good care of the vehicle. Every car owner knows it’s important to take care of this particular investment. Not only will it keep them safe, but it will also help retain its value longer. Make sure you go to your mechanic regularly for maintenance checks.  
  • Always document vital information about your car. Keep your car’s title, manual, and other relevant documents in a safe place. This will make it easier to collate requirements. You can also take photos or videos showing your car from various angles and send them to the lender. Make sure you include details like the mileage reading and VIN.
  • Provide proof that you can repay a refinance car loan. You can also convince lenders to take a risk on you and your older vehicle by showing that you have the means to return their investment. Aside from payslips, you can also produce your bank account and other sources of income.

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