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December 2, 2021
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Millions of borrowers have turned to auto title loans when they needed help in managing an emergency. This secured loan was designed with a simple idea – to let the applicant use their car’s equity as collateral. The value of the collateral impacts approval and loan amount. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get approved though. Your application for an easy bad credit loan Surrey British Columbia can still be declined. There are other factors lenders consider. 

Top 3 Reasons Lenders Will Say No 

  • You don’t have enough equity. An auto title loan revolves around the car’s value. This value is determined by the lender via an inspection. Your application will be denied if they deemed it’s not enough to cover the loan. Some lenders might approve it but the amount might be too small for your needs. 
  • There are issues with the car’s title. Lenders will require a clean title. This means your name should be the only one on it. It also should be lien-free. Make sure you resolve any problems around the title before you apply for a cash for car loan. 
  • The lender is worried about your capability to repay them. You have to prove that you have the means to return the money. You can show your payslips or receipts from regular clients. You can even show your pension slip if you’re retired. 

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