Top Fast Cash Barrie Ontario Goals You Should Work on This Year

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April 27, 2022
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April 29, 2022

80% of the population has already abandoned the goals they started during the New Year by this time. If you’re among the 20% who remained steadfast, then more power to you! But it’s no big deal if you’ve faltered. You can always try again. You might even be in a better headspace to work on your financial goals since they’ve seen how expensive things are becoming. Here are some fast cash Barrie Ontario goals you should consider working on.

3 Financial Goals to Start on Now

  • Work on your budget. You can’t achieve your money goals if you can’t stick to your budget. You can start by deciding on limiting your spending this month to a specific amount. Or you can go all out and use spreadsheets and budget apps. Just make sure you see how much money you have and where it goes. It will help you become more mindful of your spending. 
  • Pay off your debt. This is one ambitious but rewarding goal you can set for yourself. Make it easier on yourself by looking for extra income or taking on a car pawn loan to consolidate your debt. 
  • Start an emergency fund. If there’s one thing you should’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s the necessity of having a nest egg or savings account. Try to set aside at least three months’ worth of expenses. 

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