Fast Cash Kawartha Lakes Ontario Goals You Should Be Doing This Year

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July 18, 2022
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Most would make resolutions or establish financial goals at the start of the year. But there’s nothing wrong with doing that midyear or looking back at what you’ve accomplished so far. Now might be a good time to assess and tweak your plans. Here are some suggestions on smart fast cash Kawartha Lakes Ontario goals for the rest of the year.

Money Goals You Should Consider 

  • Clearing as much of your debts as you can. You’ll have a better handle on your finances if you’re not overwhelmed with loans or dealing with creditors all the time. A lower debt-to-income favor also works in your favor. You can apply for a car equity loan and use it to pay back lenders. You can follow the avalanche or snowball method. 
  • Work on your budgeting skills. It’s shocking to learn that three in ten Canadians have never done any budgeting and never learned how. Learning how to budget is an essential life skill. So if you don’t know how or are pants at it, now is a good time to learn. Budgeting will help you track your expenses, control your spending, and save money. 
  • Start an emergency fund. Experts say you should set aside at least three months’ worth of your salary. Open a dedicated account for your emergency fund. This is what will get you through when you experience a setback, like job loss or another pandemic. 

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