Fast Cash Pickering Ontario 101: Tips for Improving Your Credit Score in One Year

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Two of the most critical things you need to work on as an adult are having a savings account and a good credit score. Having both will mean you’ll have enough fast cash Pickering Ontario squared away when you need it. Many people will say that improving your credit score is the harder challenge. But you can raise it in as little as a year. Here’s how:

3 Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score Fast

  • Establish Your Credit File. This is a vital step in starting a credit presence. You want car equity lenders to see that you’re responsible and have a good financial track record. One way of doing this is to open accounts that will be reported to the big credit bureaus. 
  • Limit New Accounts. While opening new credit lines is helpful in raising your rating, it’s best if you keep your credit card applications to the bare minimum. Each application comes with a hard inquiry, and this could pull down your score. 
  • Pay Your Bills. This is one key factor that can help improve your credit standing. Make sure all your bills and loans are current. Take steps to ensure you don’t miss a payment. If you’re late, make sure you send payment within 29 days.

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