How to Get a Fast Loan Edmonton Alberta Without Income Verification

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January 21, 2021
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Getting a fast loan Edmonton Alberta when you’re unemployed or can’t provide proof of income seems impossible. Fortunately for those in these situations, there are a few options that you can consider. Read on to learn more:

3 Ways to Secure a Quick Loan Without Proof of Income 

  • Get a Co-signer or Co-borrower: This is an effective way to improve your chances of getting a loan when you have a poor credit score or don’t have proof of income. A co-signer or co-borrower will take on the responsibility of repaying the loan if you default. They should have a better credit rating than you and have verifiable income.
  • Use your car to get a loan: You can put up your car as collateral to get a title loan. The vehicle’s value covers the loan and determines how much one can borrow. Lenders specializing in this loan also ask for proof of income but they’re more flexible.
  • Provide Other Financial Documents: The rise of the gig economy has resulted in some unconventional income streams. After all, freelancers don’t receive regular payslips. You can submit other documents instead, like your pension or disability slips. You can also provide copies of your bank account statements that show you do receive money regularly and can repay the loan.  

Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry

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