Top Reasons Lending Companies Decline a Fast Loan Mississauga Ontario

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It hurts when your application for a fast loan Mississauga Ontario is rejected. It’s hard when a source of needed funds is taken away. You might also feel that all the work you’ve done to secure the requirements was for nothing. But you should look at a loan rejection as a learning experience that will help you get approved next time. It’s why you should learn the reasons you were declined in the first place. 

Reasons the Lender Rejected Your Application

  • Unstable Source of Income: The first thing a lender will look at is your capacity to pay. You won’t get a loan if you don’t have a regular source of income. Even if you’re not employed, you can still show you have alternative means of earning money (ex. pension, freelance work). 
  • Low Credit Score: Conventional lenders require applicants to have a score of 700 or better to be approved. Work on improving your credit score if it doesn’t meet the mark now. 
  • Having Too Much Debt: Your debt-to-income ratio is also a factor. Lenders will not approve your application if they see you’re already struggling with other loans. 
  • Car Equity is Not Enough: You need collateral if you’re applying for a title loan. But this secured loan depends on the value of your car. If it’s old or damaged, then it can’t cover the loan. 

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