Be on the Lookout for These Red Flags When Applying for a Fast Loan Surrey British Columbia

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July 1, 2021
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Auto title loans are often heralded as one of the best options when you need a fast loan Surrey British Columbia. This secured loan has a quick application process. Their interest rates are also lower than credit cards. But not all title loans are created equal. There are unscrupulous lenders hiding in the midst of the good ones. You can find them out if you watch out for these red flags: 

3 Signs You’re Dealing with a Bad Lender

  • You’re given a very short repayment timeline. Car collateral loans are typically short-term contracts, but the payment period is often reasonable. You can even negotiate for a longer duration. You need to be wary of companies insisting you return the money in a few weeks. There’s a big chance of failure and you’ll lose your car. 
  • There’s a steep prepayment penalty. It’s understandable for lenders to prefer the payment plan is followed as they earn more that way. But reputable lenders won’t penalize you if you pay off your debt early. 
  • You have to pay a high origination fee. Most legitimate lending companies don’t have an origination fee. Or if they have, it’s a small one. Walk away from companies demanding you pay a large fee for a minimal loan. 

The Best in the Industry 

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