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Auto title loans have gained massive popularity these last few years. Despite how mainstream it has become; a lot of people are still confused about some aspects of this fast loan Surrey British Columbia. For instance, there are still people who don’t understand why lenders have to check the cars before an application can be approved.

Why Do Lenders Inspect Vehicles?

The lending company will inspect your car mainly to check that the collateral you’re offering is in mint condition. The inspection will ascertain the value of the car and verify some details in your application form.

Because you will use your car to get an auto loan, the lender has to assess its market value. This will determine how much the company could get if they have to sell this car. It also helps the lender decide how much money they will be offering the borrower. There are several factors that will affect your car’s value, like the age, model, mileage, and the condition of the exterior and interior. The state of your vehicle’s mechanical systems and the engine will also impact the loan amount. This means that to get a substantial loan, your car should be running well, well-maintained, and has not been involved in an accident.

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