Three Fast Loan Vaughan Ontario Terminologies You Should Always Remember

Applying for a fast loan Vaughan Ontario isn’t something to be afraid of. After all, the application process is relatively simple and fast. But it’s also understandable if you feel a little wary. Technical terms can be overwhelming. Here are three important terms that you should understand and remember if you want to experience hassle-free lending.

Lending Terms You Should Understand and Remember

  • Credit Score: This refers to the borrower’s creditworthiness. It’s a numerical score that tells banks and other companies the individual’s financial capacity to spend and pay back car equity loans. It helps determine whether companies can invest and trust the borrower. This score also influences the interest rates to be assigned to the person.
  • Cosigner: A cosigner or co-borrower is a person who agrees to share the responsibility of a loan. They are usually a friend or a member of the borrower’s family. A cosigner will shoulder the burden of the loan and they’ll be responsible for repaying it if the original borrower defaults on payments.
  • Annual Percentage Rate: One term that routinely appears in financial discussions is the APR. This is the amount that the borrower will be paying yearly for the loan. The APR should not be confused with the interest rate. While both refer to the annual cost to the borrower, the APR provides you with more information about what you’re really paying since it includes fees and other costs.

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