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Having a positive credit score is important. It can open a lot of doors for you, from availing discounts to securing a mortgage. A good credit score will also go a long way in helping you get cash using your vehicle Waterloo Ontario. So how can you maintain good credit?

3 Ways to Keep a Good Credit Score

  • Keep debts at a manageable level. Your credit score goes down with every debt you acquire. The more money you owe, the lower your score. And while no one can really be free of debt, you can keep it a manageable level. It will reduce the stress on you and your finances, and will also boost your chances of getting a car pawn loan.
  • Handle your credit cards properly. People are so used to charging everything on their cards that they don’t realize it’s damaging their finances. Never go over your card’s credit limit as it will pull your score down. Debt experts say that it’s best to keep your credit card balance to about 30% of its limit.
  • Pay bills on time. Keep your credit score on the positive side by paying all your financial obligations on time. This encompasses all payments – rent, utilities, insurance, student loans, and even your library card or gym membership. Any late payments are reported to credit bureaus and could impact your score.

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