Factors With a Massive Impact on Your Poor Credit Car Loan Barrie Ontario Application

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November 3, 2021
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November 5, 2021

Emergencies and unexpected expenses are challenging. It taxes your budget or your savings. Getting a bank loan on such short notice is almost impossible as well. Your best option in this circumstance is a poor credit car loan Barrie Ontario. While the collateral is crucial to the loan, it doesn’t guarantee approval. There are several factors that impact your application. 

What Factors Affect Title Loan Approval? 

  • Value of the Collateral: Your car equity can determine approval and loan amount. You can avail of more money if your car is lien-free and a high-value model. The lender will inspect the collateral to assess its value. 
  • Applicant’s Capacity to Pay: The lender will also put a lot of emphasis on your income stream. They need to be reassured that you can return the money you borrowed. Having a regular job and a sizable budget helps. But title loan specialists are flexible in this. You can still get a loan even if you’re a pensioner or freelancer. But you have to prove you can repay the lender.
  • Credit Rating and History: Your credit score isn’t really a big factor in title loans because of the collateral. However, having a good rating and credit history is an advantage. You can get better terms and lower interest rates. 

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