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July 24, 2019
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Many people look to vehicle title loans as a way out of a financial emergency. Since it’s a secured loan, even people with poor credit can avail of a quick car loan Kelowna British Columbia it as long as they have their own vehicle. The application process is also fast so you can get the money you need fast. However, the amount you can borrow will depend on the collateral you provide.

How the Loan Amount be Determined

Every title lending company have their own requirements and mode of assessment when it comes to evaluating applications. There are also factors that can affect how much you can borrow, like:

  • Value of the Vehicle: How well you have taken care of your car will determine whether you can apply for a substantial car pawn loan. The lender will look at everything, from the interior to the engine looks, and any after-sales accessories installed. Factors like make and model, mileage, and whether the car has been in a crash are also checked.
  • Lender’s Location: The area where the borrower resides or the lender is operating will also affect the loan. Legislation in some states place a cap on the amount to be borrowed and the interest rates.
  • Borrower’s Credit Score: While this isn’t a big factor in title loans since there’s already collateral involved, some lenders still check credit scores. But it’s usually a cursory examination to decide how much the lender is willing to loan.

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