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November 28, 2019
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Nothing can stop the popularity of auto title loans. This secure loan has helped millions of people with their cash needs. Applying for a quick car loan Thunder Bay Ontario is fast and easy. However, there’s no guarantee that you will get approved. No lender can promise 100% approval. Plus, there are factors that will impact your application. Here are the top three ones:

3 Factors That Impact Your Loan Application

  • Make and Model: Not all vehicles are created equal. Some cars are admittedly more valuable than others. For example, a regular car is considered more important than an RV. A BMW will be prioritized over a Toyota. It’s not because of the size, but how quickly the lender can offload the collateral.
  • After-Market Accessories: Tasteful enhancements or any after-market accessories are considered a positive addition to the car. Some of the more popular accessories purchased by car owners are extra interior lights, gadgets, and electronic devices. These add more value to the car and can boost its odds of being sold.
  • State of the Exterior: How your car looks on the outside will have a major impact on your application. A relatively new model that’s been properly maintained will be valued more and can help you secure a substantial auto loan. Conversely, an exterior that’s full of dents and chips, and with a dull color might be written off by the lending company.

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