What Credit Score Should I Aim for to Qualify for a Refinance Car Loan Richmond Hill Ontario?

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July 11, 2022
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July 13, 2022

A refinance car loan Richmond Hill Ontario can be an effective solution if you’re facing an emergency and need additional funding. Anyone who owns a car can qualify for this secured loan if they’re willing to put it up as collateral. There are other requirements you still need to meet though. One of them is a positive credit score. But what rating should you aim for if you want to improve your chances of approval? 

What Score Will Qualify You for a Title Loan? 

You need a good credit score for many things, from getting a loan to renting an apartment. This three-digit number tells creditors how creditworthy someone is. Credit scores of 580 and lower are considered poor and the borrower is labeled as high risk. Scores between 580 and 669 are average, and your chances of getting a loan are about the same. Ratings between 670 to 739 fall in the good level while 740 to 799 is the gold star. These scores indicate you’re very dependable and can pay back a loan. 

Most lenders require applicants to have a good credit score. It’s the same with car collateral loans but lenders aren’t as strict. Since the collateral covers the loan, many companies don’t even look at the borrower’s credit score. Even people with low credit scores or no credit history can still apply. 

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