Does a Special Financing Auto Loan Barrie Ontario Have an Impact on My Credit Score?

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March 2, 2020
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A high credit score and solid credit history are good advantages to have. They can provide you with numerous benefits, like discounts on utilities or having an easier time opening a credit line. It’s no wonder that many people are focused on improving their credit scores. But will applying for a special financing auto loan Barrie Ontario impact any progress made?

Do Title Loans Affect Credit Scores?

No, car equity loans will have no bearing or impact on your credit score. The reason for this lies in the collateral the borrower has put up. Since it has provided some security or insurance for the lender, they don’t consider the applicant’s credit rating a major factor. It’s one of the reasons behind the sudden rise in popularity and acceptance of title loans. In a nutshell, a title loan is a non-player. It won’t have any negative impact on your credit standing, but it also won’t raise your score.

It’s a different scenario if you miss payments or default on your loan. Repossessions are reported to credit bureaus and this is reflected in your credit history. It will also pull down your credit score. What’s worse is that it will take years before it’s expunged from your records. Not to mention, repossession would leave you without transportation. So, if you take out a title loan, make sure you pay back the loan diligently.

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