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May 26, 2021
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One of the hardest things about being an adult is keeping your credit score high. But there are a lot of benefits to doing this. It helps you get a special financing auto loan Kingston Ontario. You can also get big discounts from utility companies and lower interest rates on your credit cards. Here’s what you can do to get and maintain a good credit rating: 

Best Ways to Get a Good Credit Score

  • Be mindful of how you use your credit cards. People tend to max out their cards, but finance experts say you should keep the balance at around 30% of the credit limit. Lenders and other companies will look at this favorably. Make sure you keep track of everything you’ve charged to your card. 
  • Pay all your bills on time. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost your credit score. Take steps to pay your rent, utilities, and loans on or before their due date. Even little things like a library fine or deposit should be paid immediately. Any delays in payment are reported to credit bureaus.  
  • Keep debt manageable. It’s hard to avoid debts, but you should at least keep it low. Lenders can determine how much you owe based on your credit report. They’ll think twice about giving you a fast loan if you already owe a lot of creditors.

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