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November 5, 2021
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Auto title loans first came out in 1990. While it was well-received, it didn’t enjoy the popularity it has now. You can argue that when the millennial generation entered the workforce, the loan started to become mainstream. This generation grew up with technology, so it’s no wonder they easily accepted specialized car equity loans Victoria British Columbia. There are other reasons as well. 

Why Auto Title Loans are Popular Among the Younger Generation

  • A title loan is accessible and convenient. It’s one of the first financial services that went digital. The whole transaction can be conducted online, including the car inspection. This is a big plus to a generation that’s used to the convenience and accessibility provided by technology.  
  • Millennials have unique financial sensibilities. The younger generation looks at finances in a different way. They’re more accepting of freelancing and the gig economy. Many have eschewed credit cards for debit cards and online wallets. They also don’t have the same financial security as the Baby Boomers and Gen X. 
  • Credit scores are not a factor. This is because of the collateral you have to put up when you get cash for car. Many consumers today are struggling with securing a good credit score, which is why a title loan is a welcome option.

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