Why More People are Getting Car Collateral Loans Surrey British Columbia Now

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August 11, 2020
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Many people will discourage you from borrowing money but being in debt isn’t necessarily bad. We sometimes need a bank loan to make major purchases. Meanwhile, millions have used car collateral loans Surrey British Columbia to get out of financial problems. And with the current climate, it’s not surprising that there’s a spike in title loan applications.

Top Reasons People are Using Auto Title Loans Today

  • Higher Borrowing Limits: You can secure more money with title loans than with a credit card advance. Unlike credit cards that place limits on cash advances, car equity loans depend on the value of the collateral. A well-maintained car that’s less than five years old can secure you as much as $45,000 in loans.
  • Chance of Low-Interest Rates: Many lending companies offer borrowers low-interest rates. However, there’s no fixed rate for this loan as policies are different per state. Some areas have a cap on lending interest rates while other regions don’t have one.
  • Manageability: Title loans are easier to manage. Instead of maxing out your credit cards and dealing with different interest rates, due dates, and lending policies per account, you can apply for one, fixed-rate loan. You even know exactly how much you need to pay per month and the number of installments you need to make.

The Best in the Industry

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