How to Get an Easy Bad Credit Loan Richmond Hill Ontario Without Bringing Your Car to the Lender

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August 10, 2020
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August 12, 2020

Emergencies are stressful enough without adding the lack of funds to the problem. The situation is worse for people who are unemployed or with low credit scores as they won’t be able to borrow money from conventional lenders. But you’re in luck if you have your own vehicle. You can use it to apply for an easy bad credit loan Richmond Hill Ontario. You don’t even have to make a personal appearance at the lender’s office. Here’s how:

Do I Need to Bring My Car to the Lender’s Office?

Challenged credit auto loans revolve around the vehicle being used as collateral. Loan approval and the amount to be borrowed all depend on the car equity. But the value of the car is determined via a vehicle inspection. Traditionally, you’d have to bring your car to the lender’s office to be assessed. But with more lenders conducting their business solely online, inspections have evolved as well.

These days, many lending companies conduct inspections online. It’s very convenient and fast. Applicants will send photos or videos of their car to the lender. For the company to do a proper assessment, the borrower must provide several photos of the car from various angles. It’s better if the shots are taken outside during day time or in a very bright room. Make sure you also take photos of any accessories added.

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