3 Factors That Will Convince Car Equity Surrey British Columbia Lenders to Approve Your Auto Title Loan

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February 12, 2020
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Vehicle title loans are a great solution if you’re stuck with money problems or are facing an emergency. Qualifying and applying for this loan is much simpler than getting a bank loan. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the approval you need. But there are factors that will help convince lenders to give you a loan based on your car equity Surrey British Columbia.

Factors That Will Help You Get Approved for a Title Loan

  • You’re an adult. You have to prove that your 18-years-old or older when applying for a title loan. This is because the law mandates that only people who are legally adults can be held liable for loans. Minors can’t be compelled to pay off a loan. So, get ready to prove your age.
  • Your car has substantial value. Bad credit auto loans depend on the car’s equity. It is why lenders are selective when it comes to collateral. They want cars that are in good condition and with low mileage. Not only will this increase the equity, but it also ensures the vehicle can be sold off quickly.
  • You can pay back the loan. You have to convince the lending company that you have the ability to return their investment. It’s why payslips or proof of income are among the requirements. Borrowers who are under- or unemployed but who receive money regularly should provide records, like pension slips or proof of disability.

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