cash for car Ottawa Ontario

June 21, 2022

Getting Cash for Car Ottawa Ontario? Here’s the Truth Behind the Top Title Loan Misconceptions

The title loan is one of the best financial inventions today. Who knew you could easily get cash for car Ottawa Ontario? It’s true, and millions of people have already used this loan to great results. Despite that, many consumers are still wary about applying for this loan. This is in large part due to misinformation and false claims.  The Truth Behind TheseTitle Loan Misconceptions Myth #1: Applicants should have a high credit score. While an excellent credit rating is essential in conventional loans, it’s not a big issue in title loans. The borrower will pledge their car as collateral, and its value will cover the loan. It’s why pensioners, people on disability, the unemployed, and consumers with low credit […]
January 28, 2020

Why Cash for Car Ottawa Ontario Lenders Inspect Vehicles Before Approving Loans

There are a few requirements you need to fulfill before you can get cash for car Ottawa Ontario. One of these is a vehicle inspection. You will be asked to either bring your car to the lender’s office or email photos of the collateral. There are good reasons for this, so read on to find out. Why Title Loan Companies Inspect Cars Lending companies check the cars being used as collateral to verify the loan’s accuracy, to determine the value of the car and the refinance car loan amount, and to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. Because title loans utilize the car’s title as the collateral, its market value will be a deciding factor when estimating the […]