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February 12, 2021

My Partner and I Share a Car. Can I Still Use it as Collateral for an Easy Bad Credit Loan Regina Saskatchewan?

It’s not uncommon for partners or family members to share cars. It’s convenient and a good way to save money. However, it does raise questions if one is planning to take out a title loan. Many borrowers wonder if using a shared vehicle as collateral will have an impact on their application for an easy bad credit loan Regina Saskatchewan. Are Shared Vehicles Good Collateral? You need to be clear about what sharing a vehicle means. For some, it simply means taking turns using the car with a partner but only one of you is the owner. For others, it means sharing ownership of the vehicle, and both your names are on the title. It doesn’t matter if your partner […]
September 29, 2020

Easy Bad Credit Loan Regina Saskatchewan Rejection: Top Reasons a Lender Will Dismiss Your Application

A declined loan application can be stressful, especially if you were counting on it to help you out of a tight spot. While the rejection might sting a bit, it is not personal. There are good reasons why your easy bad credit loan Regina Saskatchewan was denied. It’s vital that you understand why your application was dismissed so you’ll know what to do next time.  Top 3 Reasons Why a Title Loan Application is Denied Your equity is not enough to cover the loan. Title loans require the borrower to pledge their vehicle as collateral. It will act as security and if it isn’t valuable enough, the lender won’t want to invest in the borrower. Choose your collateral wisely. It […]